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3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) is a common recreational drug. It is also known as Molly or Ecstasy, and to a lesser extent, Mandy or Adam. MDMA is a drug that can make people feel euphoric and empathetic. It has a wide range of psychoactive effects including an intense feeling of excitement, increased energy, enhanced mood, and increased sociability. MDMA is sold in the form of pills, which is largely combined with other substances such as caffeine, ephedrine, and Tylenol. The large and rapid release of these chemicals (known as neurotransmitters) in the brain causes psychoactive changes in the body. You can buy MDMA at Prime Med Store. 

•    Euphoria – a sense of general well-being and happiness
•    Increased sociability and feelings of communication being easy or simple
•    Entactogenic effects – increased empathy or feelings of closeness with others
•    A sense of inner peace
•    Mild hallucination
•    Enhanced sensation, perception, or sexuality
•    Altered sense of time

INTERACTIONS WITH DISEASE: Do not use this drug, if you have:

•    Lung or kidney disease
•    Heart problems
•    High blood pressure
•    Loss of muscle coordination
•    A migraine
INTERACTIONS WITH DRUG: It can interact with:

•    Antioxidants
•    Antidepressants
•    Other Hallucinogens

SIDE-EFFECTS: The negative effects of it are:

•    Dry mouth
•    Difficulty concentrating
•    Anxiety
•    Feeling cold
•    Impaired balance/gait
•    Heavy legs
•    Jaw clenching/tight jaw
•    Lack of appetite
•    Perspiration
•    Thirst
•    Restless legs

Seek your doctor immediately for help.

ALTERNATIVES: Dimethyltryptamine and Ketamine.

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